Why Getting Prequalifed Is Important

There is a debate in the real estate world as old as the chicken or the egg. This debate is a little one-sided though, with realtors seeming to be on one side and homebuyers on the other. The question: Which to do first: find the home or get prequalified? I did a pretty sophisticated polling of this which consisted of asking every realtor I ran into what they thought. Not one suggested that they would prefer to work with a client that did not get prequalified. In fact, the only time I have...

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Lessons From the Rental World

For close to six years my husband and I have been adding rental properties to our portfolio. We aren’t afraid of some sweat equity and have an ability to do most “handiwork.” (For the record he’s handy and I’m the painter and trash hauler.) Being in real estate I take on the job of finding new tenants, collecting rent and hiring out the work that we are unable to do. For the most part we have had good results but as with anything it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine and like I’ve always said a...

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On April 19th the USDA

On April 19th the USDA/Rural Housing Program released a notice of changes to eligible area maps for USDA Rural development housing programs. For those not familiar with the program the most common use of the Rural Development Housing Program that I have been involved with is the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program. This program assists approved lenders in providing low- and moderate-income households the opportunity to own safe and sanitary homes as their primary residence in eligibl...

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Maryville Realtor

Maryville Realtor If you are looking for a reliable and hard-working Maryville Realtor to assist in your home purchasing or selling, look no further! Property Kat can help with every step of the way to ensure your home transaction is handled in a smooth and clear way. Property Kat has a process list to keep you in the loop and utilizes cutting edge technologies to make each process simple to understand and follow to the next steps! Trust that you will be in the driver’s seat as the coordinat...

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